Monday, February 6, 2023

Johnson Pleads With Undocumented Migrants to Give DNA Samples

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The immigration minister said illegal migrants should not be fearful of deportation if they submit DNA samples for missing relatives

Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry and Immigration Elsworth Johnson implored undocumented migrants to come forward and provide DNA samples to help identify the victims who perished during the passage of Hurricane Dorian in Abaco.

Outside of cabinet on Tuesday, Johnson said illegal migrants should not fear deportation if they present themselves to provide DNA samples for the identification of loved-ones missing on that island.

“They need not fear. We are a civilized country. We want to identify persons. All life in the Bahamas is precious,” he said.

Johnson said after the passage of Hurricane Dorian, the government provided assistance to all those affected by the monstrous storm, despite their legal status.

He said his government respects the sanctity of life and is prepared to protect it.

On Sunday, Head of the Central Detective Unit Assistant Commissioner Solomon Cash revealed that of the 63 bodies recovered from Abaco after the passage of the killer storm, only 33 missing persons reports were made at CDU, and only 21 DNA samples were collected for identification of the hurricane victims.

On Friday, a burial ceremony was held in Abaco, for 55 of the identified victims.

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