Turnquest Sets the Punch Straight Amidst Other Allegations

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Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance is fighting back and denying other claims made in a tabloid newspaper, The Punch, alleging a $120,000 monthly housing allowance with the government without the proper governmental procedure.

The article alleges that Turnquest purchased two apartment units in Bayroc Condominiums, Nassau, and received allowances from the government of $10,000 per month for living accommodation in the units. The Punch claims that the rental agreement was not tabled and approved by House of Assembly.

In response to the claims, Turnquest said, “This allegation was intentionally placed to cause public speculation, ridicule and to further damage my reputation and integrity. These allegations are equally false and easily disproved.”

This article follows a weeklong of articles alleging malfeasance by Turnquest. But Turnquest says the article is a continuation of attack on his character.

“The allegations contained in the article are false and completely misleading and I condemn and deny them in the strongest terms.”

Turnquest said ever since the government dismissed a private loan arrangement with a foreign finance firm in favour of an international bond offering, The Punch, has launched a relentless attack on him and the Ministry of Finance.

“The rationale for the decision made, following extensive analysis by technical experts at the Ministry were fully and objectively explained in parliament. Yet the personal attacks continue.

“One has to wonder why? What motivates or is the publisher’s special interest in this particular transaction above all of the other financing transactions the government has issued since coming to office?” he asked.

Turnquest’s comments follow his recent resignation as deputy prime minister and finance minister after allegations of fraud were levied against him and a writ was filed in the Supreme Court alleging nearly $30 million in “bogus loan.” Turnquest was not named as a defendant in the case but his name was mentioned in the writ as manager and director of the company accused of the fraud.

Featured Image: The Nassau Guardian

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