More PPEs Needed for Health Workers

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Dr. Duane Sands wants consistent supply of personal protective equipment as healthcare workers grapple with the virus

Minister of Health Duane Sands said his ministry is seeking various avenues to acquire personal protective equipment for healthcare workers in the country as the world faces shortage of the equipment.

“We are aggressively exploring various ways and means to acquire more personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory and other supplies.

The global shortage of PPEs and other needed supplies have resulted in supply chain disruptions. Many countries are holding on to their stock, and others are coveting the stocks found in other countries. Hence, we must manage our current supplies judiciously.

He said his ministry intends to ensure that there is a consistent supply of PPEs to frontline nurses, doctors and support staff, which enables them to provide the necessary care to individuals presenting to and being admitted to health care facilities.

Dr. Sands said there remain adequate supplies of PPEs:

· 1,000 boxes of surgical masks

· 43,995 of N95 masks · 2,418 surgeon gowns

· 1,672 healthcare barrier gowns

· 238 face shields

· 4,590 boxes of gloves

· 6,033+ PPE full kits, (masks, 2 gloves, boot cover, head cover, face shield)

He estimated burn rates for six months.

“The Ministry of Health will continue to trump up efforts to ensure that our frontline health care workers are provided with appropriate PPEs and training to minimize their level of exposure to the COVID-19 virus,” Sands said.

Meanwhile, Sands is encouraging individuals not to use health care grade surgical and N95 masks which are in short supply and needed on a sustained basis to care for patients.

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