Thursday, March 23, 2023

‘I Loved You to the Very End’: Wife Mourns Man in ‘Suspicious’ Drowning

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Kristenique Sears can not believe her husband is gone.

“Lord I feel so numb. [He was] my everything.”

Phillip Sears was found dead in waters near Cable Beach early Sunday morning. Authorities discovered his body floating around 9:45 am, near Westwind Hotel after he was initially spotted by a boater.

Mrs Sears said the death of the young husband and father of three, is shocking. He hugged her before leaving the house, after reassuring her that he would be well.

“[He] held me and told me, ‘Don’t worry, everything will be ok,’ and then [he] picked up [and] left me without any warning.”

His body was found bobbing in a black shirt and trousers. Authorities have still not revealed how long he was in the water or whether or not Sears died as a result of drowning or other causes. But Mrs Sears is suspicious.

“There is no way in hell my husband gone in that water and just drown[ed]. My husband is a swimmer. Someone [did] something to my husband and put him in that water.

“My husband is not going in the water for nothing in the night. The most he will do is put his foot in. So I don’t care what anyone says, he did not go in that water and drown,” the grieving wife lamented.

Mrs Sears said she and her young children depended on him.

“Lord, you took away my everything from me. God, why have you forsaken me?” she asked.

As she prepares for his burial, her last message to her husband is, “I loved you to the very end.”

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