Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Accommodations for Health Workers While on the Frontline of COVID Fight

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Dr. Duane Sands said healthcare workers put family at risk when they return home

Minister of Health Duane Sands said government is exploring relief accommodations that can house at least one hundred health care workers for a period of time, while they remain on the front line of the fight against COVID19.

In the House of Assembly on Monday, Dr. Sands said healthcare workers put their families at risk when they complete their shift and return home.

“No one is safe at home if someone in the house is serving on the frontline,” he said.

But Sands said the ministry’s temporary housings will allow the healthcare workers to rest in between shifts and take showers before leaving to go home.

He said he will provide further updates on these accommodations at a late date.

Sands admitted that “almost 1 in 5 confirmed cases (18%) have been health care workers. Among these confirmed positive COVID-19 health care worker, two have had to be hospitalized.”

Sands said the more than 50 healthcare workers removed from frontline due to exposure have been identified as contacts of diagnosed or confirmed cases, which he said is worrisome.

He said these health care workers are currently in quarantine, and are being monitored for the development of symptoms.

“Clearly, if more health care workers are removed from the available pool, there will be no soldiers left to fight the COVID war. We must protect our frontline workers,” he said.

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