The Free National Movement Hits Back at Brave Davis

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The FNM defends its COVID19 response after opposition party’s criticism

The Free National Movement is hitting back at Opposition Leader Philip Davis, who last week criticized the emergency order handed down by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, in a bid to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Davis said he believed the emergency order was rushed and done without consultation with the opposition party.

In a recent press statement, the governing party contends that Davis is playing political games at a time when the health, livelihood and economic wellbeing of the country’s citizens are at stake.

The statement says, “We encourage Brave Davis and his PLP to do away with the political gamesmanship in this critical time and stand with the rest of the country in fighting a battle that is about our everyday lives because Bahamians deserve nothing less from their elected leaders.”

The statement goes on to say, “the PLP as if on cue launched into a misguided attempt to insert partisan politics into the growing crisis.

“Many families are fearful of what is to come. With the prospects of our tourism product appearing bleak, and a possible $1 billion hit to the overall economy, the only thing rushed and extremely unnecessary is the political posturing flowing from the PLP leadership,” the statement says.


“The swift steps and action the Government is taking, as well as the much-needed economic stimuli being put in place, and plans to implement expansionary fiscal policies in the immediate future to cushion the blow to our economy are reassuring to the public,” it continues.

The statement contends that the Prime Minister’s medical background and experience have been reassuring to the public as he makes more tough decisions.

The statement reiterates the government’s proposed economic plan for those affected by covid19.

“Among the many assistance measures to address this crisis, the Government has allocated $4 million in food assistance for displaced workers directly impacted by the virus. These food assistance vouchers will be targeted primarily to people within the hospitality industry facing reduced workweeks.

“The Government is also allocating $10 million to provide for a temporary unemployment benefit for self-employed people working in the tourism industry, such as straw vendors, tour operators, taxi drivers and Jet Ski operators.”

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