‘I begged God to save him’: Sister grieves QC head boy and young preacher

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After shock waves billowed over Queen’s College following the sudden death of head boy Dario Rahming Jr on Saturday, mourners expressed disbelief at the demise of the “preacher.”

His sister Aaliyah said the 17-year-old was “a man of God.”

“Polite, [a] Christian [and] pure” are the words she used to describe the 12th-grade student.

He “loved God so much.”

Dario collapsed at some practice held on the school’s ground on Saturday, where his mother also served as a teacher, and died later at the hospital following a desperate attempt to save him.

Aaliyah lamented that everything happened so quickly. “From a seizure at school to cardiac arrest…[he] left without warning.”

After hearing about the unfortunate circumstance involving Dario, the sister said she fled to see him after she heard that something terribly happened to her brother. “I don’t know if he heard me, but I was there. I begged God. I held [his] hand and kissed [him]. I love [him] so much.

“I’m still in disbelief.”

Dario worshiped at Life Worship Center Pastor with his mother. Bishop Denczil Rolle said he “left an indelible mark on the lives of so many and truly modeled what it means to be a kingdom ambassador.”

“My heart is broken,” youth pastor Mericha Walker posted to social media.

“You called me your Pastor, but Dario you were beyond me! A Youth Pastor’s dream.”

Queen’s College Principal Henry Knowles remembered him as “unselfish, humble, mannerly, caring and well-spoken.”

When it was announced he would be head boy, Keva Smith remembered Dario coming to the cafeteria to tell her the good news. “’Ms Keva they made me head boy,’” recalling a remarkable moment in the student body’s life. Smith expressed that she was proud of him and treated him like her son. “[He] always had manners for me.”

Her last conversation with him was Saturday.

Catherine Chisnall, a parent of children who attend the school said Dario was an admired young man.

“My heart aches.”


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