Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Violators of Quarantine to Be Fined or Jailed

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PM says individuals in quarantine and isolation are still leaving home and spreading virus

Suspected persons of COVID-19 who violate quarantine will be fined or face jail time.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said, in the House of Assembly on Monday, that the Emergency Orders have been amended to enforce strict fines for those who break quarantine protocols.

Those who break quarantine will fined up to $20,000 or five years imprisonment or both.

Dr. Minnis said health officials have complained that a number of persons in quarantine or isolation at home are not doing so, which could result in greater spread of the virus.

Dr. Minnis noted that there are almost 800 individuals in quarantine.

Minnis said the Ministry of Health has explored a number of solutions that are fit-for-purpose to enforce and monitor those in prescribed quarantine and isolation.

He said individuals can download an app on their cellphones to connect with care agents, send an emergency assist alert for rapid response and talk to family and friends in a secured space.

This app, Minnis said, will be designed to help individuals in home quarantine and isolation to stay within the boundaries prescribed by the surveillance team.

Minnis said this may cause these individuals to do their part to protect their family members and fellow citizens, and reduce the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19 within the country.

“I underscore that this app will collect anonymous data to ensure that the privacy of those using the app is respected,” he said.

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