Progressive Liberal Party Hits Back at Governing Party Over Corona Talks

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Opposition Party Leader Philip Davis says he is shocked after being accused of playing political games in a crisis

Opposition Leader Philip Davis is countering the recent press statement by the Free National Movement.

He said he is surprised at the governing party’s press release accusing him of “gamesmanship.”

Davis said he had spoken to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis by phone. He said during the exchange, he made suggestions to the Prime Minister in “a cordial but frank exchange of views on the coronavirus.”

Davis said after being asked by the Dr. Minnis to put the suggestions to paper, he says he has since done so.

Davis now is expressing shock that the FNM would say that he is playing a political game as the country battle the spread of the COVID19.

Davis asked, “Is this the response to the hand of friendship from the PLP?”

Davis says he appeals to the FNM to “drop this line of attack and follow the Prime Minister’s conciliation”.

Davis says the PLP will continue to monitor the performance of the government and will not be silenced.

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