Family Grieves ‘Favourite Nephew’ Killed in Early Morning Shooting While Sitting in His Car

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Young father Leroy Bethel, killed in Eleuthera on early Easter Monday, was one of his uncle’s favorite nephews.

“I never told him I loved him, but he knew,” Sergio Bethel said as he recalled his last moments with his nephew.

“This is so hard for me and my family because I just talked to him, and now he’s gone. Wow, this is heartbreaking,” he continued.

Bethel was a resident of the small community in James Cistern, and he was found dead not far away. He was discovered shot to death around 3 am while sitting in a vehicle. Police said he sustained a fatal gunshot wound to his upper body.

Shocked by his death, resident of the area Sheila Thompson recalled seeing him the day before the unfortunate incident.

“Life is unexpected,” she said. We just saw [him] yesterday chilling and smiling.”

Bethel shared a son with his former girlfriend Vante Scavella. She took to social media to share her disgust at his violent death.

“My baby’s daddy [is] gone. I can’t believe y’all kill Liam’s daddy like that, and to be the one to find him, is even more painful,” she grieved.

Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera Clay Sweeting said he often interacted with Bethel.

“I remember during my first campaign, Leroy walked with me throughout James Cistern and we use to check in on each other periodically since then,” he recalled.

Residents said they are in mourning and fear that the killing has rocked the quiet and safe community they have come to enjoy.

As police search for the killer, Sweeting said, “As a collective community on Eleuthera, we must all have zero tolerance to violence and continue to fight for the safety of our community.”

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