Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Sisters Are Devastated Over Killing of Rock Crusher Woman Hit in Hail of Bullets

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Friends and family of the woman killed on Sunday night expressed shock after they learnt that she was one of four victims killed by gun violence in the Rock Crusher area.

The sister of Keithra Stubbs who is believed to be in her mid 20’s, said, “They killed my sister.

“Keithra baby, you cut your big sister deep. I will always love you,” Lashanda Collie said.

Stubbs and others were purportedly in the area, engaging in conversation when two gunmen exited a Japanese-style van and fired assault weapons at the group of people that gathered, hitting the four people.

Stubbs was shot and died on the scene, while another individual identified by social media as Andrew Burrows was also shot, and died while in transit to the hospital.

Keithra Stubbs
Andrew Burrows

People speculated that Stubbs was a partner of Burrows who was on bail for murder before his death, but Collie shot down the rumours.

“…my sister was an innocent bystander walking through her neighbourhood…”

Another sister, Kaylisa Stubbs screamed, “no” in disbelief when police reported Stubbs’ death. “Yall killed my sister. Yall killed me too.”

Cousin Ryesha Johnson said, “My heart is so heavy. Oh Lord,” while another cousin Debra Bain exclaimed, “My heart can’t take no more.”

A friend identified as Woods Neke said, “It doesn’t feel real. I have an empty feeling in my stomach.”

The violent death of Stubbs and Burrows brought the country’s murder count to 112 for the year.

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