Ministry of Education Pay Scale Reveals Startling Low Pay for Teachers: ‘Its Insulting’

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Popular Bahamian entertainer and educator Sonovia Pierre posted the pay scale of public school teachers on social media and the revelation left users astounded at the salary of teachers employed by the Ministry of Education.

The music teacher, who also holds a Master’s Degree, asked why teachers’ salary was so low.

“Why Lord?” she exclaimed.

According to the S12 scale of 2016, a technical teacher with a City and Guilds Final Technology Diploma and teacher training earns $25,200.

The starting salary for Technical teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree is $26,600.

The salary of a Trained Teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree is $28,000; with a Master’s Degree, it is $28,700 and with a Doctorate, the salary is $29,400.

Teachers receive an increase of two salary increases of $700 each year. But the most money a teacher can earn in the public service is $39,900 according to the new industrial agreement.

Social media users were shocked at the revelation.

“That cannot be real,” Margo Newbold said in disbelief.

Sandra Marshall chimed in, “It’s a crying shame.”

Lorca Bowe exclaimed, “They have to be crazy…” while Rhondi Treco called for a major increase in salary for teachers.

“It will remain that way unless trained and degreed teachers and other professionals collectively demand $65,000 for salaries like those publicly or politically appointed untrained or unqualified friends, families and or lovers,” said Elaine Ann.

The Ministry of Education has complained of a teacher shortage as more educators leave the system for employment elsewhere.

Dionne Benjamin Smith said now she “see why teachers are leaving this place.”

Throughout the years, the Bahamas Union of Teachers has lobbied for a pay increase for teachers, arguing the significance of the job, the heavy workload of class preparation, and the strain of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, President Belinda Wilson petitioned for higher pay for teachers but it was denied. However, increases on allowances were granted like rental assistance and hardship allowances for teachers moving to the islands, among other allowances.

Dental and vision insurance were also granted.

If teachers continue to be paid a low salary, many more will seek second jobs to supplement their monthly pay, while others will outrightly abandon the job for higher salaries.

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