Saturday, September 30, 2023

Darville Says ‘It Wasn’t Me.’ Who Gave Approval for Carnival Rides?

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Health Minister Michael Darville absconded blame for the arrival of Holiday Carnival into the country as health officials worry about the increase of COVID-19 cases on the verge of Omicron, the new strain.

Darville faced criticism for permitting the carnival rides, but he said he did not.

The health minister said owners of the Holiday Carnival made an application to his ministry to host the event from December to January. But his ministry only “acknowledged  the application and gave recommendations on how to improve the COVID19 protocols,” adding that the ministry is still awaiting a response from the owners.

The trailers and equipment for the amusement park are set up at Clifford Park, but Darville said his ministry is not responsible for “the importation… of non-medical items.”

At the last parliamentary house sitting, former Prime Minister and Killarney MP Hubert Minnis raised concerns about Carnival since children who represent the largest number of unvaccinated people in the country, will be attracted to the activities.

“Did he get approval from the medical professionals? Because I find it very difficult under these circumstances with such a virulent virus rampant throughout the world, that they would approve such an activity at this particular point in time.”

“Who authorized it to come in?…There has been some breach or violation of protocol with this carnival which is very dangerous under the circumstances of the Omicron virus,” Minnis said.

Darville responded that the proprietors needed to meet additional requirements before “the final decision to be made.”

Darville continued, “I’m unware if those requirements arrived to the committee.” He said as of 1pm on Thursday there was no approval given.

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