Wednesday, June 7, 2023

MOE Pays Tribute to ‘Well-Loved’ Teacher Killed in Classroom

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The man found shot dead in a classroom on New Years Day at the Stapledon School has been identified as a physical education teacher at the Dolphin Drive campus.

On Sunday, officials at the Ministry of Education expressed grief at the death of its employee, Andrew Valdez.

Valdez, described as “a burst of energy,” spent three years at the school, also assisting in the school’s agriculture program.

Principal Amanda Moncur said Valdez was dependable, a willing team player, and well-loved by the staff and students.

Valdez spent five years in Long Island before his transfer to Stapeldon School.

On Friday, just before noon, police officers responded to a call and were directed to a northwestern classroom where a man was found lying in a pool of blood.

Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters said investigators were following a significant lead that can possibly lead to the closure of investigations as early as this week.

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd said he expressed sympathies to the mother and other family members of Valdez.

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