Thursday, September 29, 2022

Olympian Land Gift Comes At a Price

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Olympic gold medalist Ramon Miller vented his frustration as he tries to implement the necessary infrastructures to live comfortably in a house he constructed on property gifted by the government for his sports achievement.

Miller said he is between a rock and hard place.

Though he has moved into the house with his family, living there has been difficult as they function without light and water.

“…it has been roadblock after roadblock, and I have tried every avenue.”

Miller said he started to build months after being granted the property but ran into challenges when he tried to implement the water and light.

“I got all of my permits. I went through the proper channels. I got all of the documents. I got the permit number. I got the foundation approved, my roof approved, plumbing approved.”

Miller lives almost 200 feet away from houses equipped with water and light and at no time did he feel that he could not acquire the necessary infrastructures.

“No one said anything of that sort. I got the permit and started the building process. I built the foundation, and nobody ever came to me and said ‘I don’t think that is a good idea to build back there because it may be hard or difficult.’ But I am thinking why should it be hard or difficult if this is a gift from The Bahamas.”

Miller said he even offered to pay for the lamp posts and purchase them overseas, but he continues to face challenges.

Miller uses a generator for access to light and water and says he spends nearly $250 weekly to maintain the generator.

“If the generator is off, the water doesn’t function well. I have a tank but the water would last about two flushes or three flushes and we wash our hands and sanitize but it won’t last all day unless the generator is on.

Miller said the situation has left him feeling hurt and dejected and is hoping that he is offered a resolution soon.

The big story

Miller won a gold medal in the 4×400 relay race at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He ran the anchor leg in the finals to bring a gold medal to the Bahamas, beating the USA.

He was awarded the property in 2014 as his gift for his achievements and built the house in 2015 and ever since, he experienced infrastructural issues.

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