Saturday, May 21, 2022

Bahamian Basketball Player Leaves Russia as Putin Ramps Up Attack on Ukraine

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As Russia steps up its relentless attacks on Ukraine, Bahamian professional Basketball player Jonquel Jones has fled the Putin-led country for Turkey.

28-year-old Jones took to social media today, announcing her flight’s arrival in Turkey.

“Just landed in Turkey,” she said.  “And all I want to do is cry.

“That situation was way more stressful than I realized.  Thank God for always watching over and protecting me.”

Leaving Russia was a quick change since last week Jones who plays for Connecticut Suns, suggested she felt safe in Russia though family and friends were urging her to leave.

“No changes on my end. If it wasn’t for family members messaging me and me following the news, I really wouldn’t be able to tell,” she said on Thursday.

But today she is thanking friends for ensuring her safety.

“To everyone that messaged me, checked on me, asked a friend about me while I was in Russia. I really want to say thank you. I felt for the love.”

The big problem

Despite sanctions and rebukes, Vladimir Putin has ramped up attacks on Ukraine, whose President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pleads for international assistance as talks resume for a peaceful end to the war tactics.

According to the United Nations, more than 800,000 refugees have fled Ukraine for safety as Russia invades the neighboring country.

Why it matters

Russians have protested President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, many assembling in Saint Petersburg, shouting, “No to war.”

Many sporting organizations are cutting ties with Russia as Motion Picture Association follows suit.

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