Saturday, June 3, 2023

Bahamian Basketball Player Feels Safe in Russia

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Bahamian-born professional basketball player Jonquel Jones says she feels safe in Russia though President Vladimir Putin launched an “unprovoked” attack on its neighbor Ukraine.

The 28-year-old WNBA player who plays for Connecticut Sun, took to social media to say, “No changes on my end. If it wasn’t for family members messaging me and me following the news, I really wouldn’t be able to tell.”

But concerned family members are urging her to leave the country.

Jones says her brother advised her to “may case come home and get out dem people yard.”

Other posters on Twitter joined the chorus pressing her to leave Russia as the war intensifies.

Bobbi tells her, “I am glad to hear you all are safe as can be in this situation.  I thought that things on the Russian end wouldn’t escalate immediately. Continue to be aware of all that is going on.”

Patti Talahongva advises, “Come home. Remember the WNBA is so important. We need all of our players safe.”

Another tells her, “Make haste.”

Last week, as tension grew between Russia and Ukraine, the Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged Bahamians to leave Ukraine.

Jones, though raised in the Bahamas,  has Bosnian citizenship.


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