Thursday, February 9, 2023

Traffic Accident Kills Baby Boy

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A baby boy died in a traffic accident on Wednesday morning in a three-car collision on Prince Charles Drive and Soldier Road.

Police say after the accident, one of the drivers left the scene before responding police arrived.

In a video circulating social media, bystanders are seen cuddling a baby as a woman with blood on her face, is seen screaming nearby. She appears to be the mother of the child.

A stroller is also seen on the road in the middle of the accident.

One vehicle is seen overturned on the medium.

The woman, the baby, and a man were transported to the hospital for medical attention. The baby died thereafter.

The accident involved a silver Honda Civic, a burgundy 2011 Suzuki Solio Van, and a white Suzuki Swift.

The police are still looking for the driver who fled the scene.

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