Saturday, June 3, 2023

Death Notice for Feron Ferguson Details Baby Who Survived the Horrific Ordeal

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Following the murder-suicide of 24-year-old Feron Ferguson and his fiancé Heavenly Terveus, his death notice announcement includes his surviving one-month-old son, who was hospitalized after the ordeal.

Death Notice for Feron Ferguson

Ferguson’s body is at Restview Memorial Mortuary and his sons are listed as Feron Jr and Tayvon Ferguson.

Ferguson died in hospital on Monday evening after he shot himself and his 21-year-old fiancé in the head at her mother’s home, in what police have categorized as an abusive relationship.

His second son, Tayvon Ferguson was reportedly in the hand of the young mother when she died. Family members discovered the family in the bedroom, where Ferguson was suffering from a gunshot wound.

The baby was the lone survivor but was hospitalized.

The mother of Terveus is also said to be hospitalized.

Fenron was the owner of Ron Sales, which sells Techno watches and Terveus ran a photography business, Heavenly T Photography.

Details are still being finalized before a funeral date is announced for Ferguson.

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