Tuesday, October 3, 2023

‘Kindhearted and Gentle Soul’: Tributes Pour in for DNA Chris Mortimer

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Following the “suspicious” death of former Democratic National Alliance’s Interim Leader Chris Mortimer on Thursday, tributes poured in for the successful businessman and former political candidate.

Arinthia Komolafe, who once served as Mortimer’s deputy and eventually obtained leadership of the third party in 2019, said she too was shocked at his death but remembered him for his passion to serve.

“He was kindhearted and a gentle soul who wanted the best for our country.

“I remember spending several hours in a meeting with him and other nation builders discussing ways to bring positive change to our beloved Bahamaland. It was a privilege to serve with and alongside Chris as he sought to make his contribution to national interest.”

The 53-year-old was the former president of the Galleria Cinemas and the popular restaurant Outback Steakhouse, preparing to open another dine-in Red Lobster in the Bahamas. But his attempts with to succeed at the polls as a third party proved futile as the party failed to gain traction and movement.

Andrew Wilson, who served as Chairman during former leader Branville McCartney and Mortimer’s tenure, remembered him as a “very decent human being and my best friend.”

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his death after he was found pinned to a chain link fence after he allegedly got out of his vehicle. His black Ford Escape was found in reverse gear.

Members of the party still hoping to keep the party alive after Komolafe resigned last year, expressed deep regret at his death.

“He was a fine leader that contributed to the DNA and was a fighter for change in our nation. We remember him as a light to our nation,” a party statement read.

A former lawyer and once an adviser to the party Fayne Thompson said, “I will miss your friendship and kind demeanor.”

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to his death.

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