Wednesday, June 7, 2023

If You’re Cold, Your Dogs Probably Are Too. Four Ways to Keep Them Warm

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Temperatures in the Bahamas are expected to drop to near record-breaking lows on Saturday and Sunday night.

Certain breeds of dogs can not tolerate low temperatures though many people believe dogs have a higher tolerance to cold weather.  German Shepherds, Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes like to play in the cold weather. Their double coats and the shape of their feet, give them an advantage.

Every dog is different. If you are cold, your dog is probably cold as well.

Use blankets and towels if dogs are outside

If there is no space to bring dogs inside, or your dog has no house, use old blankets and towels as bed padding on cement flooring or on cold grounds. You can make the bedding as thick as possible and dry to maintain heat.

Give them shelter

If dogs must be outside, ensure they have appropriate housing, which includes a warm place to sleep.

Dress them for the cold

Use a sweater or jacket for dogs with less fur or those smaller in size. They need help keeping warm during the cold weather.

Bring your dog inside when it’s extremely cold

If your dog has no shelter on the outside and it is extremely cold, keep your dog indoors. Make sure your dog has a couple of spots in the house to warm up. You can move them back outside, once the temperatures warm up.

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