Monday, April 12, 2021


Pastor Arraigned for ‘Spurious’ Claims Against Police Commissioner

The pastor accused of “spurious ” claims against Police Commissioner Paul Rolle was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court today, charged with intentional libel.

Dressed in a coat suit, Pastor Julien Johnson was escorted to court by two police officers, without handcuffs.

The arraignment was scheduled for 2 pm.

Why it matters

Nearly two weeks ago, Johnson in a social media post, accused the police commissioner of sexual assault against female members of the police force. Johnson stated that it was revealed to him in ‘the spirit.’

Rolle responded in a statement that he “takes the attacks on his reputation seriously” and had since reported the matter to the Central Investigation Department.

Johnson who is known for making spurious claims on social media, as the word from the Lord admitted that he often speaks out of turn.

After the investigation was launched, Johnson admitted, “I don’t always get it right. I don’t always say what’s right. My mouth gets the best of me. Everybody has a weakness. And my mouth is mine.”


Why the DNA Leader was Arrested 3 Weeks Later. COP Rolle Says It’s Not Political

After the release of DNA Leader Komolafe and other members of her party, since being arrested by police, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle called a press conference on Monday afternoon, emphasizing that the questioning and arrest was not political.

Why it matters

Members of the party say they believe the arrest of its members, “came from higher up” suggesting that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and National Security Minister Marvin Dames gave orders for their questioning and detention.

Their arrest caught the attention of FNM Former Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner and PLP MP for Englerston Glenys Hanna-Martin, who assembled with members of the DNA on the outside of the Central Police Station to decry the detention. Both said they believe it was politically motivated.

The big picture

The DNA held a protest on March 3rd in Parliament Square and stood near the entrance of the House of Assembly, while it was in session, calling on Minnis to end the Emergency Order and resign.

However, the protest was deemed ‘unlawful’ since it was held without a permit from the police commissioner.

Why the arrest now?

Rolle said when the protest took place without the proper requirements, he told officers to speak to the group and he will handle the matter later, because he did not want to “create an unnecessary scene” at Parliament.

When asked if the police force is being used as a political tool by the government, Rolle said, “I do not take instructions from politicians. I answer to the constitution of the Bahamas.

“Nine people were interviewed and arrested. Nothing political about it. I don’t see colors, whether it’s red, yellow, or green. Everyone is treated the same. I believe my record on that is straightforward.”

Rolle: Alleged Victims Made 4 Complaints Against Nygard After He Left the Bahamas

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said on Thursday that Peter Nygard left the Bahamas before the police were able to investigate the complaints made against him.

Why it matters

Peter Nygard faces extradition to the United States where 57 women accuse him of sex crimes. The women are from the  Bahamas, the U.S., and Canada. On Tuesday, he was remanded to jail in Canada, facing nine counts of racketeering, sex trafficking, and other related crimes.

What Commissioner Paul Rolle says

  • There were 4 complaints reported to the Bahamas police, by victims, accusing Nygard of sexual assault.
  • Police officers were dispatched to Nygard’s residence in Lyford Cay, but upon arrival, officers were informed that Nygard left the Bahamas.
  • Police witnessed people loading Nygard’s belongings in a shipping container.
  • Police made contact with Nygard and he refused to return and surrender.
  • Nygard was never interviewed by local police.

Rolle told reporters, “The matter is before a judge. Please don’t draw this commissioner into that.”

Featured image: The Tribune