Saturday, September 30, 2023

NIB Director Steps Down. DNA Wants to Know Why

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After the Chief Executive Officer of National Insurance Board Nicola Virgil-Rolle stepped down from her post to take up a new post as the executive director of the Lyford Cay Foundations, the Leader of the Democratic National Alliance Arinthia Komolafe says she is concerned that women placed at the helm of the organization often leave.

What Arinthia Komolafe says

  • In the midst of a major economic crisis, our main social security organization which provides a crucial social safety net for individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic should not be plagued by instability. The NIB has now been plunged into a leadership crisis at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high and the need for government assistance is at record levels.
  • The minister responsible for NIB and the Prime Minister must explain what happened. They must let the Bahamian people know why such a talented and promising Bahamian quit unexpectedly. It is important that we know the circumstances leading to Dr. Virgil-Rolle’s departure, the role of political interference in this resignation and the status of long-overdue reforms at the NIB.
  • This disturbing news comes in the aftermath of the resignations of the former Ministers of Financial Services, Immigration, Health and Finance. What is really going on in this Minnis-led administration?

Who is Dr. Nicola Virgil-Rolle?

  • Virgil-Rolle was appointed the new director at the National Insurance Board in 2018.
  • She left the Office of the Prime Minister in 2018 where she led the Economic Planning Unit and played a role in the government’s Over-the-Hill revitalization plan.
  • Virgil-Rolle is the wife of Central Bank Governor John Rolle.
  • Virgil-Rolle has faced opposition from the line staff and managerial union claiming she and management disregarded staff. In October of last year, workers called for the removal of Virgil-Rolle, shouting, “Virgil got to go, Virgil got to go”.
  • She managed the COVID-19 economic stimulus plan.

It remains to be seen who will replace Virgil-Rolle.

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