Minnis and Ingraham Drama May Have Been Settled in Remorseful Speech

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Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham sat next to former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and his wife Patricia at the Free National Movement’s 50th Anniversary Service, in what seems like long-lasting tension that spilled over from recent weeks following speculations that Minnis would try to be re-elected as party leader.

As the congregation full of FNM supporters stood on their feet for Minnis’ entrance, Ingraham stood in the front row of the church with his head held straight as he looked ahead.

Patricia Minnis entered the front row followed by Minnis as neither they nor Ingraham reached out to greet one another.

Throughout the service, Ingraham sat stoically but stood in honor as Minnis ascended to deliver his speech.

When a teary-eyed Minnis spoke as the outgoing party leader and asked for forgiveness for the “mistakes” he made as prime minister, the congregants stood to their feet in applause, but Ingraham remained seated.

After his speech, Minnis descended the podium  and walked over to Ingraham, shaking his hand as the congregation applauded.

Party insiders suggested that Minnis was trying to hold onto the leadership post as he garnered support from delegates to be re-nominated at the party’s upcoming convention.

Minnis helped to perpetuate the rumors when he did not publicly deny that he may be seeking to be re-elected, when questioned by reporters, only to say, he will let God guide him, despite initially stating he will not run for the post.

Ingraham, whom many consider a statesman, then said on Friday that he expects a new leader to be elected as the leader on November 27, emphasizing, “…That’s what is going to happen. I shall be there, God willing, and so will others in the party.”

The relationship between the two men has been frosty since the beginning of Minnis’ reign when he stated that “the Ingraham era is over.”

Ingraham has not been an active member of the party in the last five years since Minnis’ prime ministership “because I did not think that my advice or counsel was appreciated, wanted or needed, and so I did not avail myself of any opportunity to get in the way of anyone.”

It remains to be seen what their relationship will look like going forward.

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