Monday, February 6, 2023

New Press Secretary Clashes With Press

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The newly appointed press secretary for Prime Minister Philip Davis clashed with a Nassau Guardian reporter at the end of a press conference on Wednesday following the Opening of Parliament.

Former Journalist and News Director Clint Watson in his new role, quickly wrapped up a press conference held by Davis to address the new government’s policies outlined in the Speech from the Throne, and to answer questions posed by reporters, when Watson asked that journalists make further inquiries with him as Davis was pressed for time.

“…If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I will get the answers for you,” Watson told reporters.

Travis Carroll, The Nassau Guardian’s assistant news editor then quickly approached Davis to get clarification on comments he made about issues arising on National Security Minister Wayne Munroe’s involvement in the reinstatement of his law firm’s clients as acting commissioners of the correctional facility, as Prison Commissioner Charles Murphy was placed on administrative leave.

Carroll asked Davis, “Do you have concerns that it may be a conflict of interest?”

Watson then intervenes, “Cub, cub, come on,” then hurries Davis away.

An irate Carroll responds, “Relax, Clint.”

Why it matters

During the campaign season, Davis assured journalists of his government’s promise to be transparent and answer all questions posed by reporters. He has used former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis as his measure saying he won’t avoid reporters’ questions.

Watson as the former host of Beyond the Headlines, has been a constant critic of Minnis for “avoiding the press.”

The big picture

Watson, in his position as host of the show, lobbied strongly for the Progressive Liberal Party. He resigned from the news station nearly two weeks ago to assume his new role when the party became the new government.

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