Saturday, September 30, 2023

FNM Promises to Introduce Legislation to Replace Emergency Order in ‘Bold’ Manifesto

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The Free National Movement promises to replace the Emergency Order if the party is re-elected in the next General Election.

Among other promises in its 81-page plan for the country, the party said it will “pass and bring into effect legislation to replace the Emergency Orders.”

The party released its digital Manifesto on Wednesday which its leader Dr Hubert Minnis called “bold, ambitious and comprehensive.”

“It is a well-thought-out plan with policies to grow the economy to create more Bahamian businesses, to reduce crime to invest in youth and to build up family islands and upgrade critical infrastructure.”

The party says it will also establish a coordinating group in the Ministry of Health to oversee the acquisition of therapies and treatments for people suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19.

The pandemic has placed a strain on the country’s healthcare system but the party said it will construct a six-story, 96,000 square-foot tower at the Princess Margaret Hospital to increase capacity and enhance the medical service delivery system.

The party says the multi-story medical, surgical, maternal and child health facility will cost $55 million.

The tower will also provide easy access and flow of patients on the in-patient wards that accommodate primary users of the intensive care, neonatal intensive care units and operating theaters.

The FNM says it will complete the expansion and modernization of the Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Grand Bahama by constructing a new four-story tower.

“When you compare our manifesto to what the PLP put out, you will see that what the PLP publish is seriously lacking. In the dead of the night, the PLP released a mere pamphlet they said was their plan.

Minnis said his party will take the Bahamas forward in the 21st century, as it builds on the works of former FNM governments.

“The PLP is bankrupt of ideas and also on so many other levels. Don’t mind the word ‘progressive.’ Don’t mind that word on the PLP’S name. It  is the FNM that is the party of social and economic justice and equality for all of our people.”

You can read more on FNM website.

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