Tuesday, October 3, 2023


‘He was funny and thoughtful’: Parliamentarians grieve Obediah Wilson, 63

Following the unexpected death of Social Services, Information and Broadcasting Minister Obediah Wilchcombe early Monday morning, Prime Minister Philip Davis and parliamentary colleagues sought solace in his legacy, and service to the Bahamas and his political party.

“Obie was a stalwart of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and his voice resonated as a beacon of progressiveness within the party,” Davis said while mourning Wilchcombe’s death.

“He was funny and thoughtful, with a great sense of our place in history.

“His articulate discourse and thoughtful insights were profound and often shocked the conscience of the Progressive Liberal Party, leading to meaningful deliberations and impactful resolutions.”

Since the PLP’s win at the polls in 2021, during his run for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, Wilchcombe was initially given the portfolio for the Minister of Social Services, and just three weeks ago, he was granted an additional portfolio to include Information and Broadcasting.

“His favourite phrase, ‘One Love’, exemplified his worldview, symbolizing unity, compassion, and a deep love for humanity,” Davis said.

Wilchcombe started as a journalist at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas in 1975, and was first elected to parliament in 2002 for West End Grand Bahama and Bimini, as the Minister of Tourism in the Christie administration.

In addition to his current ministerial profile, Wilchcombe was the leader of government business in the House of Assembly where he often butted heads with the Opposition.

“Even amidst the heat of passionate exchanges, he conveyed his goodwill through his warm smile or an unmistakable laugh, reassuring everyone that, on his end, all was well,” Opposition Leader Michael Pintard remembered.

“He had an unparalleled skill for placing topics in a historical context, weaving in his personal connection while at the same time touching the hearts of his listeners. He was a formidable opponent and everyone knew it.

Pintard reminisced on his “signature smile.”

Pintard’s last interaction was an installation service for Rev. Dr. Philip McPhee as the President of the Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention. “We were sitting near each other. We followed the preacher’s instruction to turn to our neighbour and exchange a greeting. Little did I know that this would be our final interaction, in a place where divisions are bridged, and the essence of what truly matters becomes crystal clear.”

Wilchcombe passed overnight Sunday but it was not publicized until 10 Monday morning.

“This is a shocking development for a dedicated, energetic and vibrant public servant,” said party chairman Fred Mitchell who Wilchcombe once challenged for the position.

“Our party is reeling this morning (Monday).”

‘I Can’t Believe This. She Didn’t Deserve This’: Family Grieves Mother and Daughter Gruesomely Killed

Family and friends of the mother and daughter found dead early Friday morning are in disbelief after their decomposing bodies were inflicted with lacerations to the neck.

“I can’t believe this. You didn’t deserve this. My heart is breaking,” cousin Rollie Brown expressed.

Allison Thompson, 37, and her daughter Trevoniqua, 14, were killed in their apartment on Ross Corner. Police were alerted to a foul odor emanating from an upstairs room. They then breached the locked door and found the pair lying on the floor of the apartment, showing signs of rigor mortis.

Friend Anna Sweeting said, “I’m in tears right now. [She was] such a sweet soul.”

Friends remembered the mother of two for her warm personality and humor.

“I met her late and she still told me, ‘I love you family. We are blood,’” cousin Quisha mourned.

“Every time I saw her, she shouted ‘cousin’ from wherever and I‘ll smile and shout back, ‘family,’” Quisha continued.

Thompson, who once worked as a security guard, was known for her “youth, wisdom, and comedic conversations.”

“No one could beat her finding a job,” her uncle Paul Thompson remembered.

Thompson’s daughter, found next to her, was a student at TA Thompson Junior High School.

“Trevonika was a sweet person. She would do anything you ask her to do…If they wanted her to go to the shop, she going to get whatever it is,” Thompson’s cousin, Renell Clarke told the Nassau Guardian.

Police believed the pair may have been killed more than 24 hours, and the day they were discovered was Thompson’s birthday. She was preparing to celebrate and had already purchased a birthday cake with an imprinted image of herself, according to family and friends.

Friend Lashan said Thompson treated her like a member of her family.

“Thirty-seven years I have known [her] and [she] wasn’t just like a friend, [she] was more like a little sister to me.”

Police soon arrested a 23-year-old man, believed to be Thompson’s boyfriend.

Reports are that he returned to the crime scene after telling a family member that he had killed Thompson and her daughter.

Jasmine Brown, a cousin of the victims, lamented, “My heart is hurting so bad. I see what people feel when they lose someone. This kill[ed] me inside.”

The family hopes to render counseling for Thompson’s 13-year-old son, who by happenstance, was with his father.

‘She Was Young and Driven’: Surprised Ann Marie Davis Reacts to Kenise Darville’s Death

Ann Marie Davis on Friday, mourned the death of Kenise Darville, the woman who died days after lamenting her treatment as a patient at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

In a short Facebook post, the wife of Prime Minister Philip Davis expressed shock at the woman’s death.

“Jerad, I am so shocked to hear of Kenise’s passing. I didn’t know she was ill…I’m lost for words.”

Kenise, the wife of Jerad who was a former PLP aspirant for the Pinewood Gardens Constituency, died on Thursday after streaming a live video, venting her frustrations with the country’s primary hospital. She complained that doctors did not treat her condition of low blood platelets as an emergency, as she asked for people to donate blood to her cause.

Davis remembered her as “so young and driven.”

“ I pray you find the faith and strength to deal with this great loss. May she rest in peace among the angels,” Davis said.

Jerad held a press conference on Friday after her death, lamenting the hospital’s neglect in the matter. In a social media post on Saturday, he said “Don’t worry though baby, your cry was heard and the cries of our children shall not be in vain.”

When reporters asked if he plans to take legal action, Jerad responded, “Legal action doesn’t fix the system, right? We have to fix the system for people.”

Kenise leaves behind three boys.

Health Minister Michael Darville promised an investigation into the matter.

Sex Offender Is Dead After 5 Day Prison Release. Was It Vigilante Justice?

The sex offender publicly released last week, died today in hospital following his discovery through a small road.

According to the Nassau Guardian, Alden Scott was found unresponsive on a dirt road while bleeding through the nose.

It is not known if he was attacked or the origin of his injuries.

His brother, Ronald Scott spoke to the daily saying, “The policeman took him to the hospital…Here we are [a] couple [of] days later, he’s dead.”

The big picture

Alden was released on Friday after being added to the sex offender registry. He served nine years in prison for sexual assault and was sentenced to two years in prison for caressing a girl’s thigh back in January.

Why it matters

Alden was the first person to be added to the sex offenders’ registry in a public notice. Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe warned that the public should refrain from issuing vigilante justice and cautioned that public notification will be discontinued if anyone physically assaults Alden on his release.

How the public reacts

Some social media users expressed no empathy for Alden.

Devon Rox says, “Knowing what sexual assault does to a person mentally and physically until the day they die, I have no compassion for the rapist.”

Stacey Smith says, “God doesn’t sleep.”

Negrita Valdez says she anticipated that the sex offender would be killed after release. “I knew it wasn’t going to be too long for him to enjoy his freedom…”

Monique Knowles calls for law reforms. “I don’t know why laws are not stricter. He should not have been allowed out in public after the second offense.”

Actor Michael Williams with Bahamian Roots, Dies at 54

Actor Michael K Williams, best known for his role as Omar Little in The Wire has died at the age of 54.

The actor was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Monday afternoon according to the New York City Police Department.

Williams received five Emmy nominations and four awards for outstanding supporting actor.

Michael Williams shot a commercial for REV in 2020 in the Bahamas.

Williams appeared on many HBO series, including The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, The Night Of and Lovecraft Country.

The actor’s films included Inherent Vice, Gone Baby Gone, 12 Years a Slave,  and The Road.

Williams was born in Brooklyn to a Bahamian mother and an American father, starting his career as a dancer, working with George Michael and Madonna.

Two Divers Die During Fishing Trip in Suspected Case of ‘the Bends’

Two men died after getting into difficulty during a fishing expedition off Montague Beach.

Police spokesperson Audley Peters said the deaths appeared to have been a result of “the bends” which is a decompression sickness that occurs when divers ascend into the water too quickly. Nitrogen gas bubbles form in the tissues or blood causing dizziness, fatigue, or even death.

What happened?

  • The three men went on a fishing trip after 9 am on Saturday.
  • After their second drop, one of the men came on board the boat from the waters and collapsed, apparently from ‘the bends.’
  • The captain rendered assistance to him and was soon assisted by the other diver, who too appeared to have suffered from ‘the bends.’
  • The captain then brought both bodies to shore.
  • Police are continuing their investigations.