Saturday, September 30, 2023

Bahamasair Staff in Limbo

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Bahamas Air Executives uncertain on staff employment if emergency order extends

Bahamas Air Managing Director Tracy Cooper said if the emergency order is extended beyond March 31st, the company, which is already struggling after Hurricane Dorian, remains uncertain on staff employment.

“Related to employees, COVID-19 is affecting the whole world. It’s a pandemic at this point, and by extension the Bahamas as well. The Bahamas has shut down to visitors and the economic engine that drives the economy.

“If this was to extend beyond the 31st of March, I would anticipate that a lot of companies including Bahamas Air would have to decide the additional measures we would have to take related to the staff,” he said.

On Tuesday, Cooper announced Bahamas Air’s suspension of services due to the emergency order and stated that the order left the company with the task of making adjustments to its operations. But Cooper said the company has not made a final decision nor have discussed any impending layoffs.

Cooper admitted that the coronavirus situation has negatively impacted the company and its revenue loss has exceeded that of Hurricane Dorian.

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