Friday, March 24, 2023

Philip Davis: Govt Is Targeting Gaming Workers

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The opposition leader believes closure of gaming houses affects workers

Opposition Leader Philip Davis is firing at Prime Minister Hubert Minnis following his national address on Sunday.

Dr. Minnis stated that the amendment to the emergency order “specifically state that permission to engage in home delivery and curbside pick-up services do not apply to a gaming house operator.”

Minnis’ comments came after various gaming houses in the capital reopened last-week with a steady stream of customers in their establishment, after his announcement that businesses can resume operation, but by delivery and curbside services only.

However, Davis said when the prime minister announced the reopening of businesses last week, it did not exclude the opening of gaming operators.

“So what has happened since last week which now leads the government to target these workers and send them to the unemployment line? Where is your heart?

“Is there some medical advice to the government which has not been disclosed to us?” Davis asked.

Davis called the prime minister’s address “a study in depression and hopelessness.”

He said, “The prime minister just doesn’t get it. He is clueless as to the fate of his people and out of touch with the harsh reality that he has imposed on our people’s lives.

“What he has said does not alleviate the anxiety being experienced in our communities which is likely to threaten peace and good order.”

The gaming sector employs nearly 3500 people.

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