Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Davis Wars With Facebook Ads as Election Looms

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Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party Philip Davis is tangling with advertisements on Facebook which he claims are disseminating false information about his party.

As election season heats up, Davis said in a press conference today that the Free National Movement is responsible for using social media advertisements to spread propaganda.

Why it matters

Political candidates suspect that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis will call an early election. In recent weeks, the political campaigns have intensified as both the FNM and the PLP have ratified candidates in preparation for when an election is called.

The big picture

Both political parties use social media to reach targeted audiences. In fact, it is believed that the platforms played a significant role in the 2017 General election where the political parties disseminated party rhetoric.

What Davis says

“Their strategy is to buy and lie their way through a campaign. Anyone with a phone or internet connection knows what I’m talking about.

“People are complaining to me about the toxic, deceptive ads every day that seem to be unavoidable.

“…The FNM is running a garbage juice campaign, filled with garbage juice lies,” Davis said.

Davis claims that his party has identified 11 fake Facebook groups running paid active anti-PLP campaigns from their pages.

“They are not real. They have no staff. They cannot be contacted. They do not produce, or post or advertise content except for anti-PLP and occasionally some pro-FNM content,” he claimed.”

He said these ads are “filled with disgusting lies,” which he says are about him and the newly ratified candidates.

Davis says his party will soon announce the measures it will take in regards to Facebook and its allowance to run “fake sites.”

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