Picewell Forbes Criticizes Govt’s Cancellation of Youth Program

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PLP member of parliament says government shows no compassion for youths

Member of Parliament for South Andros Picewell Forbes said the cancellation of the youth summer programme by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture “shows lack of compassion.”

Forbes said this cancellation will prevent thousands of children from important interactions in a positive environment – benefitting immensely from the team building, sports, social and inter-personal developmental skills that are a central part of these summer programs.

“Our children from vulnerable inner-city communities and single parent homes stand to lose the most from this cancellation.”

“I cry shame on the government and call on parliamentarians, parents and Bahamians of goodwill to impress upon the government the need to revisit this ill-advised decision and reverse course.

Surely there are a number of decidedly discretionary expense items in the budget that could be slashed to continue this important program,” Forbes said.

Forbes said that during the 2020-2021 Budget Debate last week said Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle made no mention of the cancellation.

“There appears to be a disconnect between the Minister and her ministry and social partners,” Forbes said.

“With slashes in Junior Achievement, an underfunded National Youth Program, inadequate funding for family Island sports development and subvention cuts to assist our elite athletes, this latest program cancellation only adds to the narrative that this government lacks vision, does not care about youth development and lacks compassion.”

Forbes continued,“Politics and governance are about vision and investing in the future. The actions of this government therefore do not engender hope and optimism for a brighter and better future which is our youth.”

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