Partiers Ignore COVID-19 Measures. They are Slapped with Fines

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The proprietor, manager and patrons of a restaurant and bar were cited for violating COVID-19 Emergency Order.

A video circulated on social media, showing scores of patrons hurriedly exiting the establishment as police officers inspected and issued tickets.

What is known

  • Shortly after 6:00 pm, officers from the Northeastern Division and COVID-19 Enforcement Unit were alerted to a social gathering at a lounge located on Madeira Street, Palmdale.
  • It was discovered that the patrons and proprietor were in violation of the COVID19 Emergency Order.
  • The proprietor and the manager of the establishment were cited for hosting a social gathering and failing to practice social distancing.
  • A number of the patrons were also cited for attending the party and failing to practice social distancing and wear a mask.
Police citing attendees and managers at the social gathering.
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