What’s Going on in the Bahamas and Why People Oppose Intended Continuation of Order

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Prime Minister Hubert Minnis proposes an extension of the emergency order to November 30th.

He announced the possible extension in the House of Assembly on Wednesday, which will be debated at the next sitting of the House.

Why is it still necessary?

The order has been extended numerous times since its implementation in March. And since then, COVID-19 cases have risen exponentially in the country.

Grand Bahama and Bimini have seen cases lowered as a result of the order, but New Providence and Abaco have seen a surge.

Presently, there are nearly 6000 cases in the country, of which, over 2,000 are active, the majority in New Providence.

There are 124 total COVID-19 deaths.

Health Minister Renward Wells said for the past 30 days, the country has averaged 1.5 COVID-19 deaths each day.

The emergency order has allowed government to place stricter measures on New Providence and Abaco since October 9, with the resumption of a daily curfew of 7pm to 5am and a two-week 24-hour weekend curfew beginning Fridays at 7pm and ending Mondays at 5am.

The PLP and some people oppose the continuation of the Order

PLP Leader Philip Davis said his party will not throw its support behind the government as it “control[s] the lives of Bahamians.”

He calls it “proclamation fatigue.”

Davis believes Dr Minnis “is trying the same old methods, as “the numbers keep going up in deaths and infections.”

“The Prime Minister does the same old things.

“The Bahamas has recorded more COVID-19 positive cases in the past few days than Barbados has recorded since the pandemic began in March of this year.

“We must change course,” Davis said.

Some people have taken to social media to voice frustration with the intended Order extension.

One frustrated social media user said, “Every time I look, this man want an extension. We will soon have to run away from this country and seek asylum somewhere else.”

Finnel Williams addressed Minnis, “You had 7 months. Why are you still repaating the same speech you did in March.”

Princess Bethel said the country should simply adjust and “live with” the virus.”

She said, “If the Bahamas leaders don’t learn to live with COVID, we gonna be in trouble, cause we’ll be lockdown forever.”

However, some people like Ozzie Poitier supports the move saying other counties have had to implement strict measures as the virus surges. He tells fellow users, “It’s clear yall ain’t see what’s going on in other countries and what their leaders are doing.”

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