Govt Seeks Extension of Emergency Order for Another Three Months

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Prime Minister Hubert Minnis tabled a resolution of the Emergency Order in the House of Assembly today, seeking an extension to August 13.

But he expressed hope that the extra three months may not be all necessary.

Why it matters

The Emergency Order was due to end May 23, but on Friday, Governor General C.A. Smith issued another proclamation for a state of emergency.

This means the competent authority has another six months to execute his emergency powers.

What Minnis says

“It is our hope that we would not need the three months.

“It is our hope that with vaccinations aggressively and progressively moving throughout the world and continuing in the Bahamas, and with the cooperation with our populace following the mitigation protocols for the pandemic, that we would see a turn.

“Once that commences, we would love to remove all emergency power orders so that individuals can turn back to their normal life following the new protocols and world standards as quickly as possible.

“Once we see the turn, we would be more than happy to remove the emergency order,” Minnis said.


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