Canadians Adopt More Than 80 Bahamian Pups

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Eighty-two potcakes left the Bahamas for Canada on Sunday to meet their new family.

The Bahamas Humane Society said it was a collaborative effort with animal rescues in the Nassau and Canada.

“Thank you to our incredible pawtners @potcakepuppypalace and @seapawsrescue, the donors and volunteers, and @lenamanolas for coordinating this epic lift.”

Not only were pups adopted but kittens as well. Eight kittens began their lives with their new families.

“Given there are waiting lists in Canada for our Royal Bahamian Potcakes and Potcats, and limited homes across the Bahamas, these airlifts are so important.”

As soon as animal shelters are emptied, they refill with animals in need, as shelters rarely run out of animals in need.

“We are completely saturated with animals in our care, so again thank you to everyone involved. We can’t wait for the next one.

“These rescue missions are hard work, primarily run by volunteers, whose passion and dedication for these animals are remarkable.  We are so, so grateful.”

Featured images: Bahamas Humane Society

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