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If You’re Cold, Your Dogs Probably Are Too. Four Ways to Keep Them Warm

Temperatures in the Bahamas are expected to drop to near record-breaking lows on Saturday and Sunday night.

Certain breeds of dogs can not tolerate low temperatures though many people believe dogs have a higher tolerance to cold weather.  German Shepherds, Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes like to play in the cold weather. Their double coats and the shape of their feet, give them an advantage.

Every dog is different. If you are cold, your dog is probably cold as well.

Use blankets and towels if dogs are outside

If there is no space to bring dogs inside, or your dog has no house, use old blankets and towels as bed padding on cement flooring or on cold grounds. You can make the bedding as thick as possible and dry to maintain heat.

Give them shelter

If dogs must be outside, ensure they have appropriate housing, which includes a warm place to sleep.

Dress them for the cold

Use a sweater or jacket for dogs with less fur or those smaller in size. They need help keeping warm during the cold weather.

Bring your dog inside when it’s extremely cold

If your dog has no shelter on the outside and it is extremely cold, keep your dog indoors. Make sure your dog has a couple of spots in the house to warm up. You can move them back outside, once the temperatures warm up.

Heartbreaking: Nursing Dog Chopped, Undergoes Surgery

(This story contains the graphic image of animal cruelty in the Bahamas)

The Bahamas Humane Society is pleading for the public’s compassion in dealing with stray animals after a dog was found chopped about the body.

An ambulance brought the hurting animal to the rescue center after a good samaritan named ‘Tanya’ discovered the unnamed dog suffering from chop wounds on the forelimb and chest.

In an Instagram post, BHS said, “This innocent dog was mutilated with a machete because she was a ‘nuisance’ in the neighborhood.”

Vets said they worry for the health and safety of her puppies as the dog is lactating.

“This is so cruel. We can’t even comprehend what kind of individual would do those to a nursing momma,” BHS said.

The animal was rushed into surgery after its arrival at the hospital, “where her life was saved” by the veterinarians.

“We hope she can make a full recovery. We think she should be named Tanya after the hero that saved her life.”

The graphic images of the dog have stirred anger among posters, some calling for the perpetrator to be charged.

A woman identified as PennyPekoe, says, “Please tell me people get charged for this cruelty. That poor innocent dog.”

Amirak3 asks, “What happened to the people that did this?”

Vbeschle says, “I hope the person that did this was reported to the police.”

Aarmbrister says, “Find them and lock them up. If they can do this to a dog, they can do this to anyone.”

And Darcyantoniajewelry called for tougher laws to protect animals. “This is just cruel. We truly need tougher laws for people that do this.”


BHS did not say if the matter was reported to the police, but is asking for financial assistance to help with Tanya’s care.

You can donate via Venmo: Venmo@Bahamas Humane Society; username:BahamasHumaneSociety or via PayPal: PayPal.me/bahamashumanesociety.


Photo credit: The BHS

Canadians Adopt More Than 80 Bahamian Pups

Eighty-two potcakes left the Bahamas for Canada on Sunday to meet their new family.

The Bahamas Humane Society said it was a collaborative effort with animal rescues in the Nassau and Canada.

“Thank you to our incredible pawtners @potcakepuppypalace and @seapawsrescue, the donors and volunteers, and @lenamanolas for coordinating this epic lift.”

Not only were pups adopted but kittens as well. Eight kittens began their lives with their new families.

“Given there are waiting lists in Canada for our Royal Bahamian Potcakes and Potcats, and limited homes across the Bahamas, these airlifts are so important.”

As soon as animal shelters are emptied, they refill with animals in need, as shelters rarely run out of animals in need.

“We are completely saturated with animals in our care, so again thank you to everyone involved. We can’t wait for the next one.

“These rescue missions are hard work, primarily run by volunteers, whose passion and dedication for these animals are remarkable.  We are so, so grateful.”

Featured images: Bahamas Humane Society

Dog Found Starved, Weak and Chained; Rescued by Baark and BHS

The Bahamas Humane Society is decrying the condition of  a dog found starving and tied to a tree.

Chloe, the female dog was rescued by Baark, a non-profit organisation that spay and neuter dogs, who brought her to the Bahamas Humane Society for care.

“This very sweet girl was brought to us today after being rescued by Baark. The painful images tell the heartbreaking story of this dog’s life so far, from the short chain to the emaciated skeleton, infected skin and empty food cans thrown carelessly in her direction,” BHS says in a Facebook post.

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature
Chloe is seen after her immediate rescue. Photo credit: BHS
Image may contain: one or more people and food
Chloe seen starved with skin infections. Photo credit: BHS









The organisation says after some persuasion the owner agreed to surrender the dog.

BHS is asking for foster care for Chloe to regain strength and get the extra care that a foster home can provide.

Will you be Chloe’s hero today? 

Call or message the shelter if you can help.

To donate via Venmo:  Venmo@Bahamas Humane Society
username: BahamasHumaneSociety

To donate via PayPal:  PayPal.me/bahamashumanesociety

Grey’s Anatomy Star Answers Bahamas Humane Society’s Plea

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo stopped by the Bahamas Humane Society to personally deliver food for the shelter animals.

The clinic and charitable organisation has in recent weeks, requested food donations for its animals from the public, and Pompeo learning of the need, presented food supplies.

The Humane Society said Pompeo learnt about the shelter’s desperate need for food when her family visited Pet Heaven Boarding, Grooming and Pet Supplies in Nassau and had a conversation with owner and BHS board member, Sandra Cooke.

So on Friday, she stopped by to make the personal delivery.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

“We were delighted and honored to receive a generous food donation from Ellen Pompeo, who plays Dr Meredith Grey in the much loved drama series,” the organization says.

“With our shelter currently at over capacity levels, we were fortunate to have received an outpouring of support from near and far when we recently put a plea on social media for donations.”

Ellen Pompeo plays the iconic role of Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy since the show’s inception in 2005. Pompeo is still with the show going into its 17th season this September.

BHS said as the country remains in lockdown, staff members are at the shelter every day taking care of its nearly 400 animals.

To donate via Venmo:  Venmo@Bahamas Humane Society
username: BahamasHumaneSociety

To donate via PayPal:  PayPal.me/bahamashumanesociety

Animal Shelter Sees Rise in Pet Surrender Because of COVID-19 Crisis

The Bahamas Humane Society says it is beginning to see a large number of animal surrenders due to the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The charity and veterinarian clinic says it began supplying food to families facing hard times, to prevent surrender of their pets, as many people are unable to work due to the coronavirus crisis and some households are on a strict budget.

“The Bahamas is one of the most expensive places in the world to live. Many people live below the poverty line and due to the Covid-19 pandemic unemployment levels are soaring.

“We don’t want people to lose their beloved pets so we try and help as best we can. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. We have had a huge number of surrenders over the last few months.”

Photo credit: Bahamas Humane Society FB

The animal organisation is pleading for donation of food for the beloved animals.

“We need your help. We are in desperate need for dog and cat food, wet and dry.

“We supply food across the island to strays, our animals in foster care and to owners that cannot afford to feed their pets.”

The charity is a no kill shelter, primarily operating on donations.

A Covid-19 campaign was launched on Fundrazr where all the donations made will be matched to $25,000: https://fundrazr.com/31fJb3…

You can also donate via Venmo:  Venmo@Bahamas Humane Society. The username is: BahamasHumaneSociety

To donate via PayPal: PayPal.me/bahamashumanesociety

90 Bahamian Animals Become Canadian Citizens

87 puppies and 3 cats made their way to Canada on Thursday evening, after abandonment in Nassau.

Potcake Puppy Palace, an animal rescue, saved and housed the animals at its facility before the animals made their way to Canada to be fostered and cared for by families there.

PPP said it was determined to save the lives of the animals, after overcoming “mountains of paperwork” to prepare the animals to leave the Bahamas.

The rescue organization said curfews and lockdowns limited its working hours but it “was able to roll with the punches.”

Photo credit: Potcake Puppy Palace FB