5 Things to Know About Little Bahamas of Coconut Grove, Miami

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Miami Commissioners have renamed a portion of Coconut Grove, Miami, calling it Little Bahamas, paying tribute to Bahamians who settled the area in the 19th century.

It joins Little Havana, which highlights the culture of Cuba, and Little Haiti which draws attention to the Haitian culture.

Here’s what to know about Little Bahamas of Coconut Grove

  • It is situated in West Grove of Coconut Grove, Miami which is presently undergoing redevelopment and has pushed long-time residents out of the area.
  • The boundaries for Little Bahamas of Coconut Grove are McDonald Street to the east, Bird Avenue and U.S. 1 to the north, Brooker Street and Armbrister Park to the west and Franklin Avenue to the south.
  • Many descendants of Bahamians who settled in the area have moved out of Coconut Grove into other areas of Florida. The area is now occupied by African Americans, moving in the area.
  • Bahamians helped build the area, living and working in the area before Miami became a city. Many arrived in the early 1880s and were the primary labor force throughout Miami for more than 50 years.
  • The commission hopes the name change will spur tourism in the area by highlighting its culture and history.

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