Thursday, March 23, 2023

Another Earthquake Rocks Turkey in a Matter of Weeks

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Two other earthquakes–6.4-magnitude and a second measuring 5.8 hit Turkey’s southern province of Hatay, on Monday, leaving more people to suffer following devastating twin earthquakes two weeks ago.

Three people reportedly died and 213 others were wounded as the country’s disaster management agency warned residents near the coastal community, to stay away from the coastline in case sea levels rise in wake of the earthquake.

Reuters say the tremors were strong, and damaged buildings. It was also felt in Egypt and Lebanon.

People react after a quake in Antakya in Hatay province, Turkey

“I thought the earth was going to split open under my feet,” Muna Al Omar, a resident, said as she held her 7-year-old son in her arms.

She was in a tent in a park in central Antakya when the earthquake hit.

People were trapped under buildings and many escaped to take shelter in gymnasiums in the city, toting mattresses, suitcases and pets.

The big picture

Since the country’s powerful earthquakes two weeks ago, 100,000 buildings were destroyed and one million people are homeless.

Photo credit: New York Times

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