Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Agriculture Ministry Removes Debris from the Waters at Potter’s Cay Dock

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources said it has contracted a private firm through the eProcurement Portal to clear and remove remaining debris from the waters surrounding the Potter’s Cay Dock following a recent fire that destroyed vending stalls.

Why it matters

Last week, vendors complained that government was “dragging its feet” and they were still awaiting assistance. The Ministry of Agriculture quickly responded, calling the claim “misleading” saying it met with vendors and representatives of both vendor associations on the morning following the fire to plan the way forward.

Days following the fire, aspiring political groups showed up on site, video taping their attempts to clean up the space.

The Ministry said, “Before the contract for the clean-up could be awarded and executed, the vendors along with outsiders, including political personalities, began clean-up of the site. Debris remains in the water behind the stalls and will be removed as a part of the clean-up exercise.”

The big picture

Six vending stalls and dilapidated boats were burnt during a fire at Potter’s Cay Dock on April 12.  The blazing fire occurred shortly before midnight, destroying buildings on the eastern side of the dock.

What the Ministry is saying

The Ministry is saying the contracted firm will also remove parts of structures that ended up in the water as well as appliances such as refrigerators and stoves.

The work began on Wednesday morning and is expected to be completed on Thursday.


The cause of the fire is still unknown.

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