Saturday, June 3, 2023

Police on Outreach Mission in COVID-19 Pandemic

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Commissioner Paul Rolle and members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force performed community outreach on Thursday, providing masks and bottled water to the residents of Windsor Lane and the surrounding areas.

Accompanied by the media, Rolle and his team walked through the community, encouraging residents to wear masks and stay safe during the pandemic.

Residents were receptive and expressed thanks to Rolle for the gesture.

This comes after residents expressed frustration over the recent 7-day lockdown that took many by surprise.

After the order was implemented by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis on Tuesday, that area highlighted frustrated Bahamians who voiced their displeasure with the lockdown , with many saying they were not prepared with groceries and food items.

A rowdy crowd hurled bottles at police vehicles, when police patrolled the area during the upheaval.

When the media asked Rolle to respond to Tuesday’s incident, Rolle said today, “We are a nation that follows laws. I encourage everyone to abide by the laws. This pandemic is not just for the police. It is for everybody.

“Our message today is wear your mask, practice social distancing. We have to do our part to ensure everyone is safe.

“I have a duty to deal with civil unrest, wherever and whenever. We have a duty of care to make sure the people are safe,” Rolle said.

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