Sands Reunites With Man He Saved as a Child

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Former Minister of Health Duane Sands was reunited with the man whose life he saved more than 25 years ago.
In a social media post, Dr. Sands recounts a chance meeting with the first patient he performed surgery on at the Princess Margaret Hospital.
The 32-year-old man referred to as “JJ” stopped Sands in a store and recalled the poison ingestion that landed him in the hospital as a child.
Sands said, “A few minutes ago, I walked into a store and a young man greeted me…then asked if I remembered him.
“Truthfully, I didn’t… until he told me his name. In an instant, many memories – some pleasant, others less so – flooded my consciousness.
“JJ, now 32 had swallowed lye as a baby.
“One afternoon, as a six-year-old, he was referred with a ruptured esophagus. He was to become the first patient that I ever operated at PMH that memorable day in ’94.
“After an uneventful recovery, his mother would bring him regularly for check-ups after his esophagectomy and gastric pull-up. He required minor revisions and dilations over the years.
The young man expressed gratitude to Sands for helping to save his life. Sands said he was encouraged and knew he was called to serve.
“He made my day. Today’s chance reunion served as a reminder of the great privilege I have had to serve as a surgeon in this country.”
This testimonial prompted many to say thanks to Sand’s years of service as a surgeon.
Featured image: Duane Sands’ FB
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