Saturday, September 30, 2023

Davis Calls Govt ‘Heartless’ As Over 11,000 BPL Customers Face Disconnection

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Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Davis says the government is fast becoming “heartless, clueless and insensitive” after the government-owned energy plant, Bahamas Power and Light, announced that nearly 90 percent of its customers face disconnection as the corporation face rising debt.

Davis says, “On the face of it, this policy seems heartless in light of what appears to be a complete pause if not collapse of the local economy.”

Davis says thousands of Bahamians are without  jobs as retail and service industries remain closed, which he believes could have been opened by the competent authority, adding that the government must accept some responsibility for the economic consequences of its Emergency Orders and not penalize Bahamians.

“The hardship suffered by Bahamians is due to government incompetence and Bahamians should not have to pay for this,” Davis says.

The corporation which has a $46 million debt and has threatened disconnection of 12,4461 residents and commercial customers, says only 1,311 households and businesses have settled their arrears with the corporation.

Chairman of BPL Dr. Donovan Moxey said the the corporation has to pay its own bill and it cannot permit customers to incur debt they may never be able to repay.

“It makes no sense to put customers deeper in debt. We want to understand the customer’s situation and work with them. It makes no sense for anybody to keep on increasing the bill without having some payment arrangement on it.”

Moxey said the corporation wants to work with customers, and hope they come in to take advantage of the payment plans, as the corporation recognizes the tough times.

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