PLP Finds PM’s COVID-19 National Address Wanting

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Opposition leader believes the prime minister’s speech lacked economic relief, saying the PM did not inform him of the announcements made

Following a national address by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis on Monday evening, the Progressive Liberal Party said it found the prime minister’s speech deficient of how it will meet the economic needs of Bahamians affected by COVID19.

Among other things, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis addressed the temporary suspension of the alphabetical shopping schedule as the five day complete shutdown ends on Tuesday.

Opposition Leader Philip Davis said, “I listened intently to the Prime Minister’s address on COVID-19 and the way forward, but apart from suspending the alphabetical shopping schedule and the announcement of a few task forces to manage food distribution and advise the government on the way forward, the Prime Minister did not address the urgent needs of many Bahamians: many of our people simply have no food and no money to purchase food.”

Dr. Minnis added that the country was making progress in the fight against COVID19. But Davis questioned: “How does he measure that when at the same time he announced that the number of cases is rising?

“Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? The Prime Minister presumably has in his possession the metrics to give some kind of forecast as to when he sees the picture improving. None of that was evident in his speech tonight, except the bare assertion that things are getting better. Where is the evidence of that?

Davis added that Dr. Minnis did not consult the Opposition on any of the announcements he made.

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