Monday, February 6, 2023

Hanna-Martin and Turnquest Butt Heads in HOA

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One accused the other of name calling during the last session of the House of Assembly

Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Brave Davis attempted to speak after the prime minster, but House Speaker Halson Moultrie did not acknowledge him. Turnquest said today, explaining last-week’s House session , “The member for Englerston from her seat, is shouting across the floor that this member for East Grand Bahama is ‘junk.’ That is what she said…She called this House, ‘liar.’ “What I do have a personal problem with is with her from her seat, to call this member, ‘garbage,’ ‘junk.’ I ask for her apology, a withdrawal of those words,” Turnquest requested. Hanna then sprang to her feet and said, “Mr. Speaker, I am being misrepresented. I never said that. You called us (PLP) junk.”

As the proceedings got underway, the issue never went away as, Turnquest said, “I said the junk bond crew. I never mentioned the member for Englerston. The record would reflect that those words were even withdrawn or expunged, if I remember correctly. “The fact that the member is going to refer to the member for East Grand Bahama as ‘junk’ or ‘garbage,’ I’m going to respond to that, Mr. Speaker. She’s talking about the people of Grand Bahama that I represent.” Hanna-Martin retorted, “You were the one who called us on this side, ‘junk,’ ‘the junk bond crew.’ He called us that ‘bunch.’

It was not withdrawn.” The speaker again interrupted, “With respect to those words, ‘garbage’ [and] ‘junk,’ I’m expunging those words from the record, whether it was used by the member for East Grand Bahama or the member for Englerston.” As the House suspended for three o’clock, Turnquest and Hanna-Martin continued shouting across the floor.

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