Saturday, September 30, 2023

UB President Unsuccessful in WVSU Employment Search

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Dr. Rodney Smith says he would not abandon the institution

President of the University of the Bahamas Dr. Rodney Smith was unsuccessful in his attempt at President of West Virginia State University.

WVSU said it has chosen Dr. Nicole Pride to become its12th president.

Smith last week announced that he will not renew his contract at the university when it expires in 2022 and has begun seeking employment elsewhere.

This, after it was revealed that Smith was one of three candidates, shortlisted to become the president of WVSU.

Some members of the UB’s board of trustee revealed that they had no idea that the president was actively seeking employment, bringing into question the terms and conditions of employment for staff and faculty.

Smith now assures the university that he will not abandon the UB’s faculty, staff and students and “as some have suggested” Smith said in a statement.

Smith said, “Over the next two years, we will focus on surviving these difficult times together, rebuilding UB-North, and ensuring that UB has the right leader for the future, beginning in 2022.”

Smith took responsibility for not informing UB’s board of his WVSU nomination saying that he was focused on UB’s financial issues.

He added that at 68 years old, he would have been impacted by any reductions carried out by UB.

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