Over $300,000 Spent on Burial for Dorian Victims

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Algernon Cargill says Disaster Reconstruction Authority partnered with the funeral service association for the cost

The burial for Hurricane Dorian victims cost the government over $300,000.

Deputy Chairman of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority Algernon Cargill revealed that the money was spent to ensure a proper Christian burial for the individuals who perished in the devastating storm.

Addressing concerns at the virtual press conference on Sunday, Cargill said the DRA partnered with the Bahamas United Funeral Homes and Morticians Association for a less expensive burial exercise, as the cost from a local mortuary company was much higher.

“We ensured that we had a fair and competitive price of all of the local morticians who were apart of this organization. We received a quote of $247,500 from the association to bury the dead.

“In addition to that we received a cost for the altered cornered concrete grave from the association. And that cost about $65,000 which was less than the local mortuary company.”

“While the cost was significant, the cost to the DRA was least significant of our challenges, in that we wanted to ensure that we gave the victims of Hurricane Dorian, a proper Christian burial as if they would have done it themselves had they had the opportunity to organize the burial,” he said.

The service of remembrance was held on Friday, in Abaco, for fifty-five unidentified victims of the storm.

Abaco was devastated during the passage of Hurricane Dorian.

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