Monday, July 26, 2021

Eastern New Providence Is COVID-19 Hot Spot

PM reveals 6 new cases, totaling 21 cases for the Bahamas

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis at a press conference on Wednesday said that 6 more cases have been discovered by medical professionals with 16 in New Providence, 4 in Grand Bahama and 1 case in Bimini.

He confirmed that the country now has a total of 21 COVID19 cases, stating that the eastern end of New Providence has been identified as a hot spot for the virus.

Dr. Minnis also confirmed that test results from the recent death of a woman in Bimini, who is the sister of Immigration Minister Elsworth Johnson, proved positive for COVID19.

Minnis added that 1500 test kits are in country, as health experts continue to conduct aggressive contact tracing.

Minnis added that family islanders should follow emergency orders and should not visit friends and family, as the country experiences a surge in cases.

He added that more than 50 healthcare workers have been removed from the front line due to exposure to the virus.

As all medical professionals have been called in to help, Dr. Minnis also called on volunteers to assist the country in its fight to prevent spread of the virus

He stressed for the public to heed the social distancing order, follow orders by government, stay home and “stop wandering the streets.”

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