Monday, May 29, 2023

Protester: ‘Let Me See a Body, Then I Will Believe It’

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Protesters express disbelief that bodies are in coffins at the burial site for the Service of Remembrance for victims of Hurricane Dorian

Before the service commenced, to lay to rest the victims of the monster storm, the small group of people, protested outside the burial ground, carrying placards with the names of their deceased loved ones, and wearing t-shirts that read, ‘Where is your heart?’

One woman shouted, “Open the caskets. Let me see a body in it, and then I will believe it. Let me see bodies in the casket.”

A representative of the Abaco Christian Council Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, then responded to her, “Ma’am we cannot open the casket because of the decomposition of the bodies. Each body has been done with the proper protocols for DNA and those DNA will be made available. I saw the bodies placed in there myself.”

The woman then responded, “You tell me the bodies in there, then I may believe it. But otherwise if the government tells me, I don’t believe it.

Archdeacon Cartwright then told her, “I saw the bodies placed in there, one by one, all labeled with the DNA numbers that were done by the officials who came from the United States and gave the results.

“They are all available for everyone to see at the appropriate time, but the bodies of fifty-five loved ones have been placed, dignified inside the area,” he reassured her.

Archdeacon Cartwright, ensuring COVID-19 protocols, asked for the viewers to stand six feet apart, wear masks and sanitize their hands before paying their respects to the victims.

Protesters were asked to put away placards before entering the burial ceremony.

There have been several delays in the burial of victims of the the category 5 storm that killed many people and destroyed property.

The Abaco Christian Council spearheaded the remembrance service.

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