Monday, May 29, 2023

Prophet Lawrence Rolle Has a Message for the Pastor Who Criticized Him on Social Media

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Prophet Lawrence Rolle said he will not war with another pastor who criticized him on social media.
The ‘Singing Bishop,’ as he is affectionately known, shouted, “Stop the war. Stop the war,” while kneeling on a red carpet with a sheet over his head, on the grounds of his church, International Praying Deliverance Ministries.
He passionately exclaimed, “I love you and I want to thank you so very much…whether it’s love words or hate words. No it’s not an easy road. I love you brother. I forgive you brother.”
Surrounded by church members, Rolle said, “If your brother offend you go to your brother. Go to your brother, not the media.”
To shouts of ‘amen’ and ‘yes’ in the background, Rolle said,” I want to say to the apostle whatever his name is, I love you and I appreciate you. May the Lord forever bless you. You are a man of God. Don’t throw down that anointing.
“May the peace of of God be upon you and may the face of God shine upon you.”
Rolle then encouraged the public not to exchange words through the media in response to the criticism levied against him.
“No need to fight. Please let there be peace. From whence cometh war?” he asked.
This comes after Pastor of Sanctuary of Grace International Ministries Julian Johnson posted a video condemning Rolle for previous videos posted that he has characterized as “effeminate.”
“If I rebuke the Singing Bishop, so what?”
“He needs to stop acting like a woman. Somebody [has] to tell him.
“Ain’t nobody pulling anybody down…I’m trying to lift him up…His blood is not going to be on my hand. His salvation is not going to be on my hand.”
Referring to Rolle, he exclaimed, “I pray your deliverance, I pray your repentance. I pray your revival. I pray your healing.”
Johnson accused Rolle of “acting like a fool to get people’s attention,” while causing confusion for Christians.
The video has garnered support for Rolle with some complimenting his response to Johnson, “Way to go Bishop. You handled it well.”
Lawrence Rolle response was LOVE ❤️🤗
Another person encouraged him to continue to show love:
Every time I read a post concerning this it bring tears to my eyes. Remain humble before the Lord Bishop sir I love you and the International praying and Deliverance Ministry family you don’t discriminate you love all, I am a witness to your kindness, your servant heart❤️Indeed the fruit of the spirit dwells with in you. I’m praying with you🙏🏽.
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