Monday, February 6, 2023

Pastor Making ‘Spurious’ Claims Against Police Commissioner Admits to Often Speaking Out Of Turn

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The controversial pastor who made serious allegations against Commissioner Paul Rolle admitted that he often speaks out of turn.

Pastor Julian Johnson of Sanctuary of Grace International Ministries met with fellow clergyman Prophet Lawrence Rolle, known as the ‘Singing Bishop, to discuss a recent social media video where Johnson accuses the police commissioner of sexual misconduct toward female officers that he said was revealed to him “in the spirit.”

Johnson said, “I don’t always get it right. I don’t always say what’s right. My mouth gets the best of me. Everybody has a weakness. And my mouth is mine.”

Why it matters

Johnson’s meeting with Prophet Rolle comes after the allegations made by Johnson went viral, and Commissioner Rolle reported the matter to the Central Investigation Department for investigations.

COP Rolle in a press statement said he “takes these attacks on his reputation seriously.”

The big picture

Johnson has described himself as a ‘prophet of God’ and often creates videos revealing ‘revelations from heaven.’

Last year May, Johnson caused quite a stir when he created a video accusing Prophet Rolle of being “effeminate.”

Prophet Rolle then extended an olive branch to Johnson passionately exclaiming, “I love you and I want to thank you so very much…whether it’s love words or hate words. No, it’s not an easy road. I love you brother. I forgive you, brother.”


Watch the full video here: https://www.facebook.com/lawrence.rolle.908/videos/2857056901235120/?d=n

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